Business Studies

The Appleton School we offer a range of different business experiences available for students in Year 8 to Year 13; lessons in Money and Finance combined with Enterprise Capability to start Business Education, GCSE Business, IFS Business, Level 2 and 3 BTECs in Business, AS and A-Level Business.  GCSE, BTEC, AS an A Level courses are available as options, whilst 8 students will have lessons in Starting Business Education.


 Business Education syllabuses are designed to encourage students to think and act like business people  and from their very first lesson they will actively participate in a variety of situations designed to stimulate their imagination and to encourage them to make decisions based upon their knowledge and understanding of the subject.


Students will learn about how businesses are developed and discover how businesses promote themselves and keep their customers happy. Students learn how businesses manage both their finances and the people who work for them.  Business at Appleton is all about reality and so learning resources are based on "real" organisations and applying theory within those situations.


Business Education is an extremely popular optional subject that traditionally enjoys a lot of success at The Appleton School; staff expectations of students are high and student attainment reflects the commitment and enthusiasm of staff and students alike.


  • "Standards across the range of business education courses are very high"
  • "Students' achievement in business education courses is outstanding"
  • "The attitude and behaviour of students on business education courses is excellent"
  • "Overall teaching and learning are outstanding and contributes very effectively to pupil's learning" 
  • "Teachers are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and concerned for the progress of each individual student"
  • "Lessons are tightly focused" 
  • "Marking and assessment of pupil's work is particularly effective and used well to help plan future lessons"
  • "Students are well motivated and extremely good relationships were evident in all lessons observed, fostering hard work and excellent progress"

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OFSTED Survey Inspection - Business Education
We had a great OFSTED visit on 7th February 2008 - read their letter here.