At The Appleton School, the geography department aims to foster in our students


"a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives"  (National Curriculum 2013)


In order to achieve this, at key stage 3 the topics demonstrate the interconnections between physical and human geography through the use of appropriate examples and case studies.  


Year 7 Modules


Year 8 Modules

Geographical skills.

Building on the work at Key Stage 3, we look at the key skills a geographer needs in the 21st century, including map skills, interpreting data and enquiry skills.



Amazing Places - Africa.

Investigating Africa, incorporating  the use of maps at different scales and data manipulation, as well as focusing on the physical and human geography of the continent.


All about the UK.

In this module, we investigate the physical and human landscapes of the UK, and what makes the UK and the different regions distinctive.



Earth shattering Geography!

Focusing on plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes


Moving Stories .

Why people move from one country to another, and world population and the UK population.




A thorny Issue...

Trade of roses in Africa and the role that the UK plays in trade with Kenya


A module looking at the geological timescale and geology  of the UK, including the role of soils and the processes of weathering and erosion



Fair Trade

An investigation into the impacts of Fair trade on communities.



Rivers and Water issues in the Middle East

The role of water on the planet - focusing on Rivers, and the issues that can arise from using the resource in places such as the Middle East.



Whatever the weather!

Weather around the School  - with students producing a microclimate enquiry through fieldwork.



Glaciation and the role of glaciation on shaping our Planet



 What's the use?

A module focusing on the use of resources of the World.



Key Stage 4 Geography


Students studying geography at GCSE level follow the AQA A specification. This traditional GCSE geography course covers both human and physical geography.


Key Stage 5 Geography.


Students taking their AS and A Level geography examinations with us, study the AQA specification.



The department was awarded the Geographical Association's quality mark in 2010 as a centre of excellence, and led the school's International Schools Award from 2007-2009 with links to schools in Kenya and Ethiopia. More recently we have developed links to a school in India. 


If you have any queries regarding our Curriculum please contact Lesley Glover via or by using the Enquiry Form on the "school" link in the Contact tab above.