Key Skills being assessed (tested).

Year 7

  • The Anglo Saxons
  • The Norman Conquest
  • Life in Medieval England
  • A history of London
  • England 1500-1750: Political and Religious change
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Key Topics
  • Sequence, Chronology (Time), Causes, Consequences and Progress
  • Understanding, Evaluation and Interpretation of Evidence. Judging the Significance of Individuals, Events and Changes.

 Year 8

  • Power, Control and Revolutions (America, France and Russia)
  • The Role of Individuals in History
  • Trade, Industry and Empire
  • Britain at War
  • The Holocaust

Key Stage 4

The syllabus is OCR Modern World History, The course has four key areas of study, firstly we study International Relations between 1918-1939, accompanying this is a depth study which looks at the Causes and Events of WWI. The second part of the course looks at Britain between 1939-1975. There is also a new topic for the Controlled Assessment (A piece of work under timed conditions that students can prepare for and take resources in to). This controlled piece of work is worth 25% of the final mark. We will be studying USA within our Controlled Assessment unit.

Examinations are for the full ability range (A* - G), so there is no tier system (Foundation and Higher papers) as in some subjects. Paper 1 and Paper 2 are taken at the end of Year 10. Paper 1 is worth 45% and covers the Modern World History. Paper 2 is worth 30% and covers the British History Unit.

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