Modern Foreign Languages

Both French and German have long enjoyed equal status in the school with half the new intake learning French and the other German.



The Key Stage 3 MFL course has been written to reflect the world pupils live in, using contexts familiar to them in their everyday lives and teaching them the vocabulary that they need to communicate with young French/German people of their own age on topics that interest and stimulate them. They are introduced to young French/German people and given insight into the everyday life and culture of France/Germany and other French/German-speaking countries, encouraging intercultural understanding.


We teach the KS3 curriculum using resources from Pearson, which includes Pearson Active Learn, which gives pupils the opportunity to consolidate their learning at home through interactive online materials. We also offer extra support for pupils with a homework club which they can visit any lunchtime to complete or get help with any homework set by their class teacher. We also subscribe to the Linguascope website, which can be used in class and at home to learn and revise vocabulary using revision games. The KS3 curriculum covers the following topics:


French Year 7

German Year 7

All about me

My World


Family and Pets


Free time

Where I live



Town and Travel


French Year 8

German Year 8



Visiting a City


My Identity


My Home







From June, 2018 our pupils will sit examinations for the new Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) in French/German. We hope to build on the fantastic results which we have celebrated up until now at GCSE level. The new GCSE has been developed to help students of all abilities progress and develop a passion for languages, through culturally engaging content.

It consists of four externally examined papers based on the following skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. These examinations will take place in the summer term of year 11, but pupils will already developed many of the required skills from their first two years of the GCSE course in years 9 and 10. Skills and knowledge will be consolidated and strengthened throughout year 11 in preparation for the examinations.


Pupils will continue to use Pearson Active Learn to consolidate all they have learnt in class. They can also use the Intermediate section of Linguascope and the Vocab Express website to strengthen their knowledge across the topics covered in the GCSE course.


Questions across all four language skills are set in common contexts, addressing a range of relevant contemporary and cultural themes.


French Year 9

German Year 9

Cultural Life


Who am I?

Cultural Life

Daily life

Who am I?



French Year 10

German Year 10

Travel and Tourist Interactions

Daily Life


Travel and Tourist Interactions

Town, Region and Country



Town, Region and Country


French Year 11

German Year 11

Future Aspirations, Study and Work

Future Aspirations, Study and Work

International and Global Dimension

International and Global Dimension




At KS5 we follow the new Pearson Edexcel specification. This course develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as general knowledge of French/German speaking countries. These skills are developed by researching and discussing topics and studying films and literary texts.


French Year 12

German Year 12

Changes in French society

Changes in German society

Political and artistic culture in French speaking countries

Political and artistic culture in German speaking countries


French Year 13

German Year 13

Integration and  the French multicultural society

Immigration and  the German multicultural society

The Occupation and the Resistance

The German reunification



Trips and visits

We have been running a successful German trip for many years now, visiting Cologne and Berlin on alternate years. These visits are normally open to pupils studying German in years 9 and 10. This trip includes sightseeing visits as well as 2-3 mornings in the Carl Duisberg Language School, where pupils are immersed in the language and encouraged to practise their language skills during the rest of their stay.


We have also recently started an annual French trip to the Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy. This trip is normally open to pupils studying French in years 8, 9 and 10. We are based at the Château in the midst of the beautiful countryside, where pupils are instructed entirely in French by a group of Animateurs and have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities which may include fencing, bread-making, raft-building or an assault course. We also take this opportunity to visit some of the local area.


If you have any queries regarding our Curriculum please contact Lesley Glover via or by using the Enquiry Form on the "school" link in the Contact tab above.