Parents Group

Purpose of Parents Group

The parents group meets approximately four times a year. It is a forum for discussion and two-way communication between parents and the school staff.

The purpose is to –

  • Hear about recent activities and changes in the school.
  • Listen to different presentations by staff in each meeting, examples of recent meetings are:
    • Subjects areas like Maths, English etc.
    • How to help your child with homework and revision
    • Questions & answers with the head teacher.
  • Discuss items of interest or specific problems that have occurred.
  • Suggest improvements to the parents web page on the school web site

The meetings are informal and allow plenty of opportunity for individual participation. The subjects for future meetings are normally chosen by the parents at the first meeting in the year. This group is not the PTA which exists separately

Meeting Dates:

12th November  The role of the Year Manager and enhancing progress
14th January Positive behaviour management strategies
25th February The importance of PE at Appleton
10th June Helping your child progress in English