Uniform and Equipment

Our revised School Uniform for Year 7 September 2024 is as follows:

Parents are strongly advised to contact Student Services if in doubt about permissible school shoes. Many retail outlets advertise footwear as ‘school shoes’ when they are in fact trainers and we are always happy to advise.

The wearing of full school uniform is compulsory for all school sessions and any journeys to and from the school site. This policy encourages students to identify with the school while promoting a positive, purposeful atmosphere during the working day.

The items listed below are designed with smartness, practicality and availability in mind and differences in requirements for each sex have been kept to a minimum.

Excessive make-up is inappropriate; students should not wear false eyelashes, nail polish or acrylic nails.
Any student failing to adhere to this policy will be expected to remove the item immediately or will be placed in our isolation unit until further notice.

Students are not allowed to wear bracelets, nose studs or any other piercing. Students are allowed one ring of sensible size, a watch and one stud earring in each ear.
Any student failing to adhere to this policy will be expected to remove the item immediately or will be placed in our inclusion centre until further notice.

Inappropriate block colouring, streaks or highlights, as well ‘under-cutting', ‘tramlines' or ‘carving' hair is not permitted. Please note that students' hair should also always be a natural colour. Tattoos or body art should not be visible.
Students failing to adhere to this expectation will be placed in our inclusion centre.



Compulsory Items:

Optional Items:

*Denotes PE kit items only available from the uniform supplier


Main School Uniform

Penn School Uniform Shop, 15 Kents Hill Road, South Benfleet SS5 5PN

Physical Education Kit

School Sports 4U Uniform shop Romford Shopping Hall, Unit 114, 43 Market Place RM1 3AB https://schoolsports4u.co.uk

Both supplier websites will be updated with Appleton uniform products in due course, ready for purchases to be made from 13th June 2024

UNIFORM LIST 2023 - 2024 Year 8-11

We always recommend that parents and carers refer to our school rules regarding uniform before purchasing uniform clothing.

Please be aware when purchasing new school uniform that some High Street stockists sell uniform in their 'Back to School' ranges which do not adhere to the school's permitted criteria below.


Students who arrive at school and are not meeting our full Uniform Policy will be expected to remove the particular item as soon as possible or, if they refuse, will be placed in our Inclusion Centre and will not be allowed to attend mainstream lessons.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION KIT - Existing year groups (2023-2024)



*Denotes PE kit items only available from the uniform supplier



Existing year groups (2023-2024)

Ties, Blazer Badges and DT Aprons: MORBEC SPORTS – until stocks run out

School Uniform:

PE Kit available from MORBEC SPORTS – until stocks run out.


So that students can apply themselves swiftly and effectively to any task required of them, it is recommended that they carry with them each day the following range of items:

Students will not need all this equipment on their first day, so do contact the school if you need any help or advice.

Lockers are now provided for all students but do please mark items with name and form wherever possible to reduce the chance of loss.


To maintain the existing high standards of safety, the school follows the recommendations of Essex County Council in its "Safety in P.E." Handbook. "Watches, jewellery and earrings, belts with metal buckles and other unnecessary encumbrances likely to prove dangerous to the wearer or to others, should not be worn". The support of parents in implementing this policy when students are taking part in PE activities would be most appreciated and is clearly in the best interests of all students involved.


In implementing the policy, we will have regard to the provisions in the Equality Act 2010, in particular the requirement not to discriminate, either directly or indirectly, against a student because they have a protected characteristic, for example because of their gender, race, disability or religious belief. In particular, we will consider requests from parents or students who can demonstrate that wearing a particular article of clothing or jewellery or having a particular hairstyle which are not permitted by this policy is a genuine manifestation of the student’s religion or is necessary as a result of a medical condition amounting to a disability, on a case-by-case basis. Where we are satisfied that the student’s equality rights would be infringed, the request will be granted except where doing so would raise a legitimate concern, for example on security, public order or health and safety grounds. We reserve the right to request documentary evidence from, for example, a religious leader or medical professional, in support of any request to deviate from this policy, in appropriate cases.