Performance Data & Tables

Please be aware that this is an initial analysis and does not include any appeals or reviews which may take place. Despite a national decline in GCSE performance The Appleton School has seen an increase on all measures. The results are as follows:


KS4 Performance Data

2016 Results

  • 77% achieved English and Maths at A*-C grade and 75% achieved 5 GCSEs at grades C plus with English and Maths.
  • English language results were 86% A*-C grades. 93% made expected progress in English.
  • Mathematics results were 80% A*-C grades. 80% made expected progress in Maths.
  • Our attainment 8 score is 5.56 and Progress 8 is 0.34. These are new measures. These results are significantly above national. Put simply it means that all of our students achieve a third of a grade higher in every subject than those who achieved the same level at the end of primary school.
  • 109 students entered the full range of EBACC subjects of which 90 achieved passes at grade C or above in all six subjects. This represents 82% of those entered. 45% of the students were entered for EBACC.
  • 28% of all grades were A*-A.


Historical Key Data

  2011  2012 2013 2014   2015 2016
 5 A*-C including English and Maths 58%  66%  63%  61%  69%  77%
 Students achieving 5A*-G 99%  99% 99% 99%  99%  99%
 Students achieving 1A*-G 100%  100%  100%  100%  99%  99%






KS5 Performance Data

  • 98% of students achieved 1 A*-E in A Level qualifications
  • 90% of students achieved 2 A*-E in A level qualifications
  • 74% of students achieved 3 A*-E in A level qualifications
  • The average grade at A level was C-
  • The average grade in Vocational Programmes was Distinction star (A* equivalent) 
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