Code of Conduct

The below outlines the Student Code of Conduct:

  • School is the best place to come to work. Make sure you always do your best.
  • Listen to the teacher and other students. Always allow others to learn.
  • No fighting or bullying.
  • Treat everyone politely and with courtesy.
  • Always set a good example, both in and out of school.
  • Be punctual to all lessons, enter learning areas when requested, settle quickly and quietly to the task in hand.
  • Take care and consider the safety of others.
  • Remember to bring all necessary equipment to each lesson, including your planner.
  • Complete all school work and homework on time.
  • Care for and look after your school.
  • Do not drop litter or damage equipment, take care.
  • Wear full school uniform correctly.
  • Always fulfill the commitments that you make, such as attending prearranged meetings, school matches and practices.