Welcome to the Appleton Maths Area. We are an enthusiastic Area that provides opportunities for students to develop their mathematical skills and confidence.

Strong ongoing liaison with our Primary Schools enable individual learning programmes to be developed as part of our Year 7 induction. Extra curricular clubs for all ages and abilities for enrichment and extra help.

Core ICT skills are integral to the schemes of work within the Maths curriculum. We are well resourced and have a pleasant environment. We have a constant programme of reviewing and updating material and methods of learning. We are suited which enables our staff to work effectively as a team.

As a department we are fully committed to promoting an ethos that is conducive to the well-established British values of respect, tolerance and inclusion: We ensure that all learners feel valued and that the tasks,activities and resources that we use reflect the diversity of British society.

Resources come from a range of backgrounds for example:

  • The names used in questions are reflective of the multi-cultural society in which our pupils live.
  • A range of methods from across the world are discussed (e.g. grid method, Russian and Chinese multiplication systems).
  • Our curriculum is linked to other fields and reflects the multi-faceted way in which mathematics permeates all aspects of our daily lives.
  • The annual celebration of International Pi Day.

If you have any queries regarding our Curriculum please contact us.

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