Physical Education

The PE Area is committed to providing positive and worthwhile learning experiences to all students. We teach a wide variety of activities yet have sufficient depth to achieve high overall standards. We presently hold the Sportsmark award and compete favourably in a wide range of sports at local, regional and national level. The majority of our students participate in numerous inter-form competitions and enjoy the challenges that these present.

Within the PE department the concept of Britishness is promoted through inclusion, fair play, respect, following the rules and tolerance of others. Pupils are encouraged to participate in a broad curriculum and are given every opportunity to succeed as an individual or part of the wider community as part of a team. Team play and working as a cohesive unit is a core principle within the British community and this is promoted through lessons and the extra-curricular programme. The groups within the PE department incorporate a multitude of backgrounds that reflect the society locally and nationally.

Our clubs and activities

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