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Horizons and Horizons Scholars

Our Horizons programme is aimed at all students who want to go on and attend university after their time with us. It is designed to help demystify the entire application process, look at how to select a course, university and even prepare for attending an open day. We also challenge misconceptions around student finance and look at additional funding opportunities universities might offer. We utilise UniFrog to support aspirational choices, research universities and subjects, write personal statements and contribute to references.

Horizons Scholars is our bespoke Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science application enhancement process and is targeted towards our highest achievers. We look at the realities and requirements of attending some of the most prestigious and selective universities and courses. We cover additional or entrance exams, mock interview practice and tailored personal statement guidance. In addition to the applications themselves we look at how to build a portfolio of extra and supra curricular activities to not only strengthen an application but extend the learning around the A Level courses.

UCAS and University Support

At the beginning of the academic year we hold a Curriculum Pathways evening for parents and students which provides them with the opportunity to learn more about university, student finance, apprenticeships and employment. All Year 12 students are able to sign up to our Personal Statement workshops at the end of Year 12 and all attend the UCAS Super fair trip. They also have access to one to one or small group personal statement support, choice selection and general university guidance. Assistance with completing the application process and a student finance application is also available.

Employment and Apprenticeship Support

Our Pathway to Employment Day is held at the end of the year and focuses on the skills needed to be successful during all stages of obtaining employment. Every Wednesday period 3 CAPE (Citizenship and achieving Personal Excellence) is a designated time where students cover some of the following careers related topics:

  • How to network and be enterprising
  • The basics of an interview and how to prepare
  • What makes an employer good to work for
  • Introduction to work experience
  • How to contact employers
  • Writing your CV
  • Using social media in the application process
  • Completing work experience

Apprenticeships and Degree Apprenticeships applications are encouraged and supported by staff for this increasingly attractive and competitive area. This also includes researching and applying for apprenticeships in the Horizons programme. We also celebrate National Apprenticeship week and share resources with all students.

Career Opportunities

Students can book a career advice session with our specialist staff to ensure they are equipped with all of the information they need for their future career choices. They have the opportunity to have a one to one guidance interview and all our Year 12 students take part in work experience. Throughout the course of the year a number of careers related trips and visits take place e.g. Cambridge University/ARU/UCAS Superfair. More information on careers can be found on the careers section of the website.

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