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Alumni Spotlight!

Alana Atkins

What qualifications and subjects did you complete at The Appleton School?

I was a student at The Appleton School Sixth Form between 2016-2018. I studied A-Level Law and Politics and BTEC Business Studies.

What did you do between the ages of 16 and 18?

The Career and Employability Department really helped me get into some great opportunities. I was fortunate enough to attend a week's work experience at the Chelmsford Crown Court and a week's work experience at the Houses of Commons with my local Member of Parliament. I also went on a law trip to The General Council of the Bar in London. These opportunities really helped me discover the careers I am interested in and helped me understand what I need to do to get there. As well as explore other careers which I may enjoy more and be better suited to.

Did you go to University and if so what did you study?

I attended The University of East Anglia and studied Politics.

During my first year, I went to Geneva, Switzerland, for a week. In this employability trip, I was able to visit the United Nations and other international organisations. I found it really beneficial as I discovered different working opportunities. From this trip, I learned the importance of learning another language if you wish to work abroad; or on an international level.

What has been your Career Path so far?

After sixth-form, I studied Politics at University. Since graduating, I have partaken in a 3-month internship with the Centre of European Volunteering (CEV) based in Brussels, Belgium. Being able to work abroad has been such an amazing opportunity and has really broadened my horizons.

What would you say helped you make your decisions?

Speaking to my teachers/lecturers and getting guidance from them.

Also speaking to career advisers was really beneficial, as they are helpful and have connections with many organisations. They can help you navigate and understand applications; that can be difficult (and a bit overwhelming) by yourself.

What advice would you give to students currently studying at Appleton to help with their decision making?

Definitely speak to your teachers and career advisers. Explore the different careers that you are interested in by researching around the topic and exploring career sites like / /

If you're not too sure what kind of work you want to get into. Find online career quizzes that may help you understand your personal interests and style of work.

Alana Atkins

Luke Goodall

I attended the Appleton School between 2010-2015 and its Sixth Form between 2015-2017. I was never a gifted academic but with support from the staff at Appleton I achieved the qualifications needed to study at the university of my choice and go on to become a paramedic.

It must be said that at Appleton, the staff went above and beyond to assist me. They would make themselves available when I came in early and stayed late if necessary. It was this sense of belonging which convinced me to complete my A-Levels at Appleton.

I commenced studying for my Paramedic Science degree at Anglia Ruskin University in September 2017. Although my university experience was cut short when COVID-19 reached the UK, I went front line in my final year completing 12-hour shifts while writing my dissertation. I was thrown in at the deep end but I learnt a lot and it was a great experience. Due to going above and beyond to assist the NHS in its time of need, I was awarded a Hidden Gem Award and the Dorothy Hosein Award.

I am a trained Practice Educator in Clinical Practice and I help train and support new staff members so they can make sure they reach the high standards expected of anyone who works for the East of England Ambulance Service. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences for the benefit of others. Due to this, I have delivered talks for the Appleton School and other organisations, including teaching basic first aid to Scout groups.

I am passionate about swimming and have won multiple medals including at the UK Masters National Championships. I am a Level 2 Swimming Teacher, Level 2 Swimming Coach, qualified Lifeguard and have obtained the Team Manager Module 2 Award. Whilst doing my studies, I worked for both Runnymede Swimming Club and Castle Point Leisure. In particular, it was very rewarding to work with the Runnymede Swimming Club’s Swim-Ability Squad. Seeing how much people with disabilities can achieve is inspiring.

I will always speak positively of my time at Appleton. It played an important part in me attaining the career of my choice, for that, I will always be grateful.

Luke Goodall BSC

Alexander Garrett

Find out how Alexander Garrett has been working with us since leaving in 2011.

I attended the Appleton School as a pupil between 2007 and 2011 and was fortunate to be elected Head Boy in my final year. Being a business and enterprise school, I believe it helped me tremendously in becoming focussed on what I wanted to do with my career very early on. I received a lot of assistance and advice on types of careers that I could pursue, and they even arranged a mock interview day whilst I was a student, to be interviewed by local businesses to brush up on our ability to perform in an interview from an early age. I find it fascinating that they still offer this now to year 10 student and I now find myself on the other end of the table, as the interviewer!

Following sixth form I decided to study a law degree at the University of Hertfordshire alongside working part-time at a law firm in Benfleet, just a stones throw away from the Appleton School.

I later attended law school in Bloomsbury, London and qualified as a Solicitor in March 2019. I now specialise in family law helping people who have suffered a breakdown in their marriage or relationship as well as ensuring that their children are protected.

In May 2021 I was made Head of the Family Department at Viewpoint Hill & Abbott Solicitors in Chelmsford where I now head a team of Solicitors and Paralegals.

It is clear to see that the Appleton School helped form the person I am today and their focus on helping pupils with their future is second to none. Since leaving school, the Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Programme has come on in leaps and bounds. I regularly attend the school to talk to students about a career in law to advise them on the routes to qualification as well as what the day-to-day life of a lawyer can look like.

Some students have even joined me at my firm for a week’s work experience to further determine whether a career in law could be for them. I think that the fact the school facilitates this is fantastic and just goes to show that they are dedicated to helping students develop beyond their time in secondary school.

Alexander Garrett