Employable Me

When students start applying for employment or further/higher education they will need to talk about their skills and experience. There are a number of skills which are important for most careers and these are sometimes referred to as employability skills, enterprise skills, soft skills or transferable skills. These are the skills that are needed for a range of different careers and situations, such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, leadership and so on.

Watch the video below for an explanation of these skills:

At the Appleton School we focus on developing the following 12 employability skills:


During School students will get the opportunity to develop lots of these valuable skills, both during lessons and during extracurricular activities. We encourage all students to record the development of these skills on the Unifrog Careers system so that they can refer back to them when preparing for interviews and are able to give employers real examples that demonstrate they have the skills they are looking for.

The following are activities that students can get involved in that will enable them to develop important employability skills and gain experience that will benefit them in the future.